Total aerobic bacteria field test for potable water (40 tests)


Total aerobic bacteria field test for potable water (40 tests) This plate enables the estimation of total aerobic bacterial counts (colony forming unit numbers) and is particularly suitable for field analysis. Take off the cap of the plate, pipette 1 mL of sample in the middle of dry sheet, put the cap again. Sample diffuses

Coliform/E.coli ready to use bottles (Pack 80)

Coliforms bottles

80 Coliform/E.coli ready to use bottles  (for 80 tests): Early identification of bacterial contamination on board  Simple one step procedure • Coliforms and E.coli in one test  100ml sample (regulatory reporting) • Detects one CFU/100ml  Short incubation and detection time (18-24hours)  No Sodium Thiosulphate needed even for high chlorinated waters  2 year shelf-life at room temperature Performing the coliform test

Field bacteria incubator with shelf

Thermocult 2

Field Incubator with shelf for bacteriological testing Small field Incubator including one shelf  for the microbiology For 20 bottles or 8 dipslides or 8 discs Temperature setting:   + 35° C ± 2.0° C and adjustable up to 42°C Made in Germany (Labelling:  CE) With Clear window lid for easy viewing With integrated thermometer Volume :

Water-in-Oil Reagent Pack : WA-SOL®


Water-in-Oil Reagent Pack : WA-SOL® Code : S300 This reagent pack is NOT CLASSIFIED AS DANGEROUS GOOD FOR TRANSPORT as per UN Model regulations. This reagent pack is compatible with all the water in oil devices and testers on the market The reagent composition kit contains: – one bottle “WA-SOL® basic” – one bottle “WA-SOL®

Catalyst fines test kit


Cat Fines Determination Test Kit Order Code: T 280 The abrasive action of catalyst fines can significantly reduce the quality of bunker fuel oil and cause very rapid wear on ship engines. The new test device MT CAT FINES CHECK is specifically designed by Martechnic® to detect the presence of these hard abrasive particles in



Closed Cup Flash Point Test / Pensky-Martens Order Code: T 750 The identification of possibly hazardous liquids is a safety issue in manifold applications. The Flash Point Check allows this both right on-site and right on-time where and when flash point verification of mineral oils is required. The FLASH POINT CHECK consists of a Closed



Visual Particle Determination Order Code: T 319 It is the purpose of the INSOLUBLES CHECK to provide detailed information about particles regarding their nature, size and relative quantity. The test procedure is based on a vacuum filtration system used to filter insoluble particles out of the oil sample. These particles will form a deposit on



Quick Sample taking Order Code: SAM 007 The Sampling Kit enables to take a sample of fuel, lube and hydraulic oil with a tube which is fixed at a telescope rod. By using the vacuum pump which is coupled with an adapter at a sample bottle, it is possible to suck the oil sample out



Salt Water Determination Test Kit Order Code: V 150 It is important to know the nature of water (fresh or salt) found in lubricating or fuel oil as it might give some help in identifying the source of the leakage. The SALT / FRESH WATER CHECK is an easy and quick method to check the



Easy to use AN titration test Order Code: T 550 High operation temperatures severely stress the oil. This results in oxidation and nitration, viscosity increase, forming of acid sludge and sludge deposits. Acid number or AN is a measure of both organic and inorganic acid contamination within the oil. The handy and easy to use