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Coliforms bottles

80 Coliform/E.coli ready to use bottles  (for 80 tests):

  • Early identification of bacterial contamination on board
  •  Simple one step procedure • Coliforms and E.coli in one test
  •  100ml sample (regulatory reporting) • Detects one CFU/100ml
  •  Short incubation and detection time (18-24hours)
  •  No Sodium Thiosulphate needed even for high chlorinated waters
  •  2 year shelf-life at room temperature
  • Performing the coliform test is simple :  Add 100ml of water to be tested into the ready to use sterile bottle (up to the line), incubate and note the colour change.  The formation of a green or blue colour in 24 hours or less indicates the presence of total coliforms. Positive green or blue bottles are then checked for the presence of E.coli by looking for fluorescence under UV light.