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Cat Fines Determination Test Kit
Order Code: T 280

The abrasive action of catalyst fines can significantly reduce the quality of bunker fuel oil and cause very rapid wear on ship engines.
The new test device MT CAT FINES CHECK is specifically designed by Martechnic® to detect the presence of these hard abrasive particles in HFO in a simple and
quick test procedure.
The test method is based on the analysis of two samples of heavy fuel oil, i. e. before and after a separator. This allows to assess the general quality of bunker fuel delivered on board and quality of the clarified HFO in a separator.

The test procedure requires two different reagents to prepare the HFO samples for analysis. The prepared samples are placed in the centrifuge in a parallel position for the fixed time. After that the samples are taken out and ready to be compared. The degree of cat fines before and after a separator is directly estimable.

• Measuring range: go / no go
• Measuring time: about 20 min.

• Easy and quick test method
• Applicable for all types of heavy fuel oil
• Demonstrative test results
• Easy to use even for untrained personnel