Total aerobic bacteria field test for potable water (40 tests)

This plate enables the estimation of total aerobic bacterial counts (colony forming unit numbers) and is particularly suitable for field analysis.

Take off the cap of the plate, pipette 1 mL of sample in the middle of dry sheet, put the cap again. Sample diffuses automatically and evenly into all over the sheet (total medium of 20 cm2) to transform it into gel within seconds.

Write the appropriate information on the memorandum section. Turn over the plate capped, put in an incubator. Incubate 48 hours for TC at 35 ℃.

From backside of the plate, count the number of red colonies appeared in the medium.

White paper placed under the plate can help to count colonies easier. When the number of colonies are great large, it is convenient to use the grids carved on the back of the container consisting of 1 cm x 1 cm, or 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm squares at the 4 corners. Count the colonies of one square and multiply by 20 or 80, respectively.

AOAC , MicroVal, NordVaL approved