Ultra Sonic CLEANING TANKPiezo-electronic ultrasonic devices create high-frequency sound waves, which release mechanical energy in the cleaning solution, a so called “push-pull” effect on the surface of the items to be cleaned. This Cavitation-effect produces vacuum bubbles which implode on the surface of the items. During the implements stay undamaged, the deposit and dirt is thoroughly removed – also at difficult accessibly areas.

• US frequency: 30 kHz
• Voltage: 50/60 Hz – 230 or 440 (380) V
• Material: Stainless Steel ASTM A240 / DIN 1.4571 2 mm welded

• Easy to handle and the arrangement is possible in many places
• More efficient than traditional cleaning methods
• Low noise development
• Quick cleaning, e. g. the following items:
Cylinder cover, cooler, valves, lube- and fuel oil filter, turbocharger impeller, charge air cooler