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Water-in-Oil Reagent Pack : WA-SOL®

Code : S300

This reagent pack is NOT CLASSIFIED AS DANGEROUS GOOD FOR TRANSPORT as per UN Model regulations.

This reagent pack is compatible with all the water in oil devices and testers on the market

Wa-SolThe reagent composition kit contains:

– one bottle “WA-SOL® basic”

– one bottle “WA-SOL® activator”

– a stirring hook  (It is recommended to have a type of stirring machine in place.)

– SDS and instructions

“WA-SOL® basic” contains calcium dihydride, specially embedded in a gelatinuous mass, which prevents the calcium dihydride molecules to react with water on transport. Once at its final destination where the testing shall get executed, “WA-SOL® activator” gets added and vehemently stirred, to “compone” the ready-for-test mixture. As this at the first time requires quiet some force, we recommend the use of an electric stirring device and the supplied stirring hook for help.